Because I Moved On

too many people, with too many stories
i don't know,
where should i start,
whom to trust,
and which story to believe.

I just confused,
why they were so eager to tell me the truth NOW?
why not seven months ago? why?
Might be they have bad intention towards me?
It is not an accusation,
but sometimes, it cross my mind

dear everyone, here is my answer.

I have decided not to hear any stories from anyone of you.

Why? "Because I moved on".

And i believe that sometimes,
some stories are better left untold,
or kept being unknown.
So, you guys can keep whatever reason it was.

And I won't let my past to ruin my future

p/s : I appreciate on what each of you have done just to make me clear about this matter. But, hurm, againnn thanks but no thanks :D

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